NEWS about this Website: Starting on September 11, 2017, providers and recipients will be able to access a new system to get timesheet and payment status information! The new website, sponsored by the State, will be accessible by smartphone, tablet, laptop or computers, as long as you have internet access and your own email address (providers & recipients cannot use the same email address).

The best feature about this new website is that timesheet and payment status will be in "real time", as up-to-date as possible. (Fresno County’s "My IHSS" was restricted to information that was generally two days old.) As an added bonus, if a recipient choses to approve timesheets through this new system, called the Electronic Timesheet System, providers can fill out their timesheets online, cutting out the time it takes for mail delivery to the Timesheet Processing Facility in Chico! The system will also prevent common mistakes that might delay payment or lead to a violation. Once the recipient approves the timesheet online, it’s automatically put in line for processing the next business day. Providers using Direct Deposit will receive their payments even faster, not having to wait on the US Postal Service for delivery.

To learn more about the Electronic Timesheet System (aka ETS) visit: There are videos for providers and recipients to watch, and dates and times for Webinars (live walk-throughs of the ETS). You also will be receiving notices from the State at the end of August. Fresno County providers and recipients will be able to begin registering with the new ETS on September 11, 2017. With these new and improved services from the State, Fresno County’s "My IHSS" will go off-line in September 2017. Thank you for choosing to support "My IHSS" over this past year!